Ren Taxi // Ring Taxi

2015 / video

Renato had an awesome couple of days at the Nürburgring getting himself better acquainted with the famous track also known as “The Green Hell”.

He drove a selection of cars from Ring Garage, starting with the Car Throttle Toyota ‪CT86‬ on the first day, the Porsche Carrera on the second day, and finally back to his favourite, the BMW M3 on the final day.

The last day was the only that had a full dry track after a few days of bad weather, and unfortunately just before the end of the manufacturer test sessions, there was a major crash at the Flugplatz section, meaning a big section of high-speed was slowed down by marshalls for repairs.

Because of the slow section, Renato’s target lap time could not possibly be reached, so instead he took a few friends for a couple of rides around “The Ring” instead. This lap he just happened to head out through the toll gates directly behind the new BMW M5 Official “Ring Taxi”.


BMW M3 (E92) Ring Garage




Nordschleife, Nürburg, Germany