Born and raised in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, Renato developed a passion for motor sport from an early age, when his father took him to his first Formula One
Grand Prix in Adelaide, at 4 years of age. This passion combined with his extensive knowledge, has translated into some exceptional results on and off the track.

At the age of 15 Renato started racing open wheel with no prior racing experience, and proved quickly that he had a natural talent behind the wheel of a race car; starting his first race from a compulsory rear of grid (P35) and finishing P8 in the pouring rain at the demanding Lakeside circuit. Renato continued to impress over the next few years, racing a variety of open wheel and sports cars throughout Australia.

His dreams of a career in motor sport were halted in 1999, when he sustained extremely severe injuries as a result of a road-based motorcycle accident. Spending nearly two years in and out of hospital, it took almost three months for him to learn to walk again and further to this, he lost the use of his left arm and hand for two years, due to significant nerve damage. Renato received extensive physiotherapy during this time, also attempting to play the guitar which is another passion of his. Except for a loss of some feeling in his left arm, he made an almost full recovery enabling him to complete his tertiary studies.

With his body now recovered, and studies in Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology now completed, Renato recommenced his racing, quickly returning to the podium racing Sports cars and Production cars.

However in 2002 he was diagnosed with life-threatening testicular cancer. After undergoing urgent surgery and an intense chemotherapy regime, he was given the all clear and able to get back into his normal life. Despite a couple of ongoing side-effects from chemotherapy, Renato was able to return to work, start exercising and get back into his passion, motorsport.

Renato is known for being a very fast, consistent driver and one that can adapt to any make of car or driving condition. Given his engineering background, Renato has great mechanical empathy and is capable of getting the best out of any car he drives. Both on and off track, Renato is known for his incredible work ethic, professionalism, sportsmanship and sheer determination.

Renato is the founder and director of MotoKinetic, and is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading performance driving instructors and racing coaches.

His extensive knowledge of the sport, and media experience, has lead to Renato working regularly for TV commentary, and MC/Hosting roles across the country.

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