• MotoKinetic is an Australian owned and operated business that has been operating since 2004. With clients all over the world, MotoKinetic is leading the way in the provision of consulting services to the automotive and motorsports industries. Renato is supremely motivated and to this day, remains the driving force of MotoKinetic.

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  • The Beansmith is a specialty coffee roaster, based in Port Cygnet, Tasmania. They source the world’s finest specialty coffees and roast them with great care in very small batches. The Beansmith ethos is built around an unwavering focus on quality and a genuine commitment to old fashioned ideals of artisan craftsmanship, personal service and community.

  • MotorCast is a personal turnkey in-car live streaming system, developed in Australia. With a MotorCast, vision and audio from your vehicle’s on-board camera is streamed live via 4G to multiple viewers anywhere in the world with nothing more than a web browser on your desktop or mobile device. Available for private or public access with complete self-management, MotorCast is used for racing, testing, training and more.

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